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New partnership: FieldWiz. GPS-tracking solution from Switzerland.

We are happy to announce our partnership with Swiss producer of the easiest, most reliable and cost efficient tracking solution: Master Class GmbH is an official representative of FieldWiz.

FieldWiz allows you to measure your team’s performance and gather reliable data during games or trainings to take informed decisions and improve your strategy.

Only 35 grams, the FieldWiz sensor is the smallest and lightest sensor available on the market with the highest level of integration: GNSS (GPS,GLONASS), IMU, Heart-Rate Monitor, BLE, ANT and Swiss quality engineering.

The latest generation GNSS tracking technology up to 18Hz gives you the precision you need to track the progress of your players, to set goals and encourage a healthy competition within the team.

FieldWiz meets FIFA’s International Match Standard for Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems.

Visit our web to get more information.

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