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Who'd Be A Manager and She Wins

Our partner - PlayerMaker - invites you to join online webinars: Who'd Be A Manager and She Wins.

Who'd Be A Manager - April 8, 2020, 7:00PM GMT

Aimed at managers and coaches from all levels of football. In a follow up to the hugely successful first webinar, PlayerMaker has gathered Non-League coaches to share their insights into experiences they've gained during their careers, all from the comfort of your own home.

She Wins - April 16, 2020, 1:30PM GMT

PlayerMaker is partnering with Fulham F.C. to bring you our own #SHEWINS webinar on the 16th April 2020, which is aimed at covering roles, insights and thought leadership in the female football industry and female pioneers in the football industry.

Register for online webinar

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